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About Us

Pioneer Interior & Projects is a company that offers Kitchens, BIC Ceilings, Blinds, Doors, Electrical Tiling, Wooden Floor Painting, Partitions, Cleaning and many more mostly based in Carpentry to the people of Gauteng area. We just don’t want to deliver our services to Gauteng province alone, we intend to be one of the giants that will be recognized in South Africa.

Our Key approach

Attention to detail: Every job is done to precise, caring standards.
100% customer satisfaction: Every customer gets happy with tour work.
Business efficiency: All processes and activities in the business are analyzed and determined if the most efficient process is being used.


It is Pioneer Interior & Projects’ mission to offer the highest-quality environmentally-sound service in South Africa. Through fair pricing, careful craftsmen-like work and 100% customer satisfaction, Pioneer Interior & Projects will quickly gain a base of loyal customers.

 Nature of business

The company wants to bring a conducive environment to homes and office spaces.


  • To become the premier environmentally-sound wood floor re-finisher.
  • Achieve significant gains in market penetration.
  • To maintain public facilities (Schools , Clinics , Libraries e.t.c even private companies)
  • To extend our services to South Africa as a whole